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Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘Meditations, Conversations & Libations’

Check out our new Podcast “Meditations, Conversations and Libations” w/ MeMe Wallace as she teaches the artists of today a little something about the industry, and even more about themselves. Her premiere podcast has been released with her first interview guest fashion entrepreneur Blake Martin!



Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘VA Cafe’

Today in the café, we’re sitting down for the next few minutes to hear a story of a real life hero and artists Christian Piccolini.

What makes Christian’s story so incredible is that Christian was a white supremacist from Chicago Illinois. That makes his story incredible, what makes it unbelievable is that Christian turned his life around and is a white supremacist – no more. Writing books and making public appearances around the world, he’s now sharing his story with us, in the hopes we can make a change too.

Check out this interview right here in the café. Serving you, right now…




Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘The BuZZ’ with Z and Zee!

Emmy-nominated film and tv Composer, Miriam Cutler talks to us about the fundamental differences of composing for picture vs just writing music. She also dives into the major differences in the business as it has evolved since she first started composing.



Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘The BuZZ’ with Z and Zee!

Professor, Theater Department Director of Franklin College NICK CRISAFULLI sits down with one of the ‘Z’ twins to discuss theater arts, where they came from, where they are now and if we’re not careful where they’re headed.



Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘The BuZZ’ with Z and Zee!

OPTIMUS PRIME Voice over actor Mark Hanson joins us on our premier podcast of our new show ‘The Buzz!” He will give up and coming actors advice on breaking into the voice over business and tell you what he does to stay motivated.



Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘The BuZZ’ with Z and Zee!

PETER TOCCO President of SAG-AFTRA Detroit Michigan sits down with the twins’ Z and Z to discuss everything from Michigan’s remaining film community, the benefits of using SAG-AFTRA talent in projects of any budget and the fundamentals of acting including what aspiring actors should avoid when starting out and how they can get into the union.



Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘Call Backs with Cynda Williams’ 

Stage and screen actress Cynda Williams shares her take on Hollywood and her spirituality.


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Various Artists Radio Presents: ‘May We Introduce… Sam Kirk’


Sam Kirk sits down with Various Artists Radio to discuss art, entrepreneurship, and social justice and how she does her part through her art.



Various Artists Radio presents: ‘Call Backs with D.B. Sweeney’

Stage and screen actor DB Sweeney talks to us about being the little guy in Hollywood and how to stay relevant in an otherwise unforgiving industry.