THEM: Everyone has heard of NETFLIX, HULU and HBOGo. These are streaming services that support the mainstream viewing audience. Only now and then do they distribute rare and original shows. More times than not, it’s the same library of shows over and over again. They only fight over the right to release it first so it appears to be ‘new’. That’s not much of a choice.

US: We are an independent network! offers new faces, a variety of shows, both long form and mini webisodes, to fit your viewing habits. We have an ever-growing group of producers, young, old and in between, who release their independent and original content for you to finally have a choice of how you spend your time.

YOU: Vote for what you want to see. This is how we keep the content original. You simply vote on a four star ratings scale, 1 star = it’s mediocre and 4 stars = it’s your new favorite and you can’t wait to see more!

We even give you direct links to your favorite producers’ social media sites so you can follow them and keep up with their careers and latest projects.

This is how we …

√ …keep the shows rotating with ‘new / fresh’ shows without overwhelming you!

√ … can help the producers improve on the quality of shows they provide.

√ …can provide you with better shows that are actually worth your time watching.

You will see shows rooted in story and the human condition.

Shows that deal with real scenarios, some you can relate to and the others that will introduce you to new points of view.


QUESTION: Isn’t there already an independent network I can watch on the Internet called ‘YouTube’?

THEM: YouTube was the first successful website focused on releasing footage directly to the world. God bless YouTube!

US: Our shows are curated, meaning not everyone with a camera or cell phone can publish to the world. We have artists with a specific vision they want to share with the world and they are willing to respect you, the viewer by properly investing their time, effort, energy and talent in exchange for your time, thoughts and opinions. This is how they can move forward in their careers and not just be a flash in the pan, here one day and gone the next. The goal is to win you over as a fan for their entire careers.

YOU: Tired of the same mainstream shows, rehashing the same old stories you’ve already seen over and over again? Now you can do something about it.