VAiFF Spring Voting Is NOW CLOSED!

Who will be nominee number 3? It’s up to you!

VAiFF SPRING festival voting is now open!

The film with the most/positive social media votes in each category will win the SPRING quarter nominations.

This process continues with the Summer 2017 nominations and competition until all nominees have been selected for each category in our Grand Finale event!


Genre: TV / Web Pilot

Synopsis: Intergalactic bounty hunter Jayden Jaxon partners with ex-cop Mac Cole to track down a psychotic killer for a generous fee. When their search brings Jayden back to his hometown, the ghosts of his past haunt every corner of New Manhattan.

Produced by Harry Assouline and Brian O’Carroll

Written, Edited and Directed by Harry Assouline

Should 'New York 2150' advance to the VAiFF final?


On (s)tillness

Genre: Documentary (Short Film)

Synopsis: Dunk has a relationship with 4,99 – a plant he looks after. He tells us about what it’s like to be so close to the vegetal.
On the other hand, 4,99 gives us a description of Dunk and confides on some of her plant’s concerns.

Written / Directed by Samir Nahas

Should 'On (s)tillness' advance to the VAiFF final?

Bring me out the Dark – Josh Real Official Music Video

Genre: Music Video

Synopsis: A teenage girl is unhappy with her life. Tired of seeing her parents fighting, she runs away from home and goes to a party where she puts herself in danger. The music video shows her running away and the events that take place at the party. She is then saved and brought home by a mysterious person who protected her throughout the night without her knowing. She is reunited with her family realizing that her solution was not the answer she was looking for.

Directed by Josh Botana, Written by Josh Real and Josh Botana, Produced by Josh Botana

Should 'Bring me out the Dark' advance to the VAiFF final?

September Sketch Book

Genre: Animation Short

Synopsis: SEPTEMBER SKETCH BOOK is an experimental film created using old school animation; over 5,400 drawings made with pen and paper. The film is abstract in nature, with sequences based on flags from around the world.

Written, Produced and Directed by Ronnie Cramer

Should 'September Sketch Book' advance to the VAiFF final?