Kirby Ashley, the epitome of an artist with a vision has a day job of being a certified public accountant with his own firm, but he continues to follow his dreams of being a storyteller and produces independent films over the past few years.




I aspire to be an audio engineer/mixer for music, film and television, a video editor, and a sound designer for film/television. I haven’t been at this long, but I am willing to learn my craft. I enjoy creating the mood for a story by adding the right sound, wether it be audio or f/x. The projects that George Lucas has done with his post-production offshoots is something I see as the high standard in mastering movies and audio.



Mike co-founded Paper Star Video in 2011 after having spent a year circumnavigating the globe with his wife. Mike’s production experience spans feature films, commercials, corporate videos, web series, and television, from preproduction to post. With over 15 years of production experience, Mike brings to the table a logical and exacting methodology behind video production.

Mike first studied at Emerson College in Boston, MA. He soon realized that the film program was unsuitable for his tastes and transferred to Columbia College in Chicago, IL. He finished his degree in film production winning awards in his classes and having his final films featured in the Take 1 Film Festival for back to back years. Mike spends most of his time involved in any area of production, but he does enjoy a long bike ride from time to time.




Nihar Brahmbhatt, actor, producer, and filmmaker has been in the entertainment business for a little over five years. He and his business partner C.A. Smith strive to create films and showcase their work in a variety of genres aspiring to make it to the big screen.




David E. Bright is an award winning writer and director. He was a semi-finalist in several contests, including the Austin Film Festival in 2013, has deep knowledge in all aspects of film production. His new feature, “Always Dies First” is receiving positive buzz, even in pre-production.



John is a student filmmaker living in Coppell, Texas USA. His first film, “The Return” placed 1st at a local film festival in Coppell. After a year of not making films John joined KCBY-TV, a local broadcast news and entertainment show. Soon after joining, John created his second short film titled “Here’s To Running.” So far, the film has been selected to screen at 3 film festivals, and has been nominated for Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Student Film. “Here’s To Running” recently won best film at the Rising Star Film Festival.




Paul is a Film Communications Major at Olivet Nazarene University graduating in 2018. He’s looking for inspiration with his writing and he really loves working with others on projects. He plans to make more short films in the future with other people who enjoy film just as much as he does. His goal is to move to LA when he graduates and try to get his foot in the door any way he can.



Assaulted as a little girl, sleeping in a van as a young adult, and living in a women’s shelter, Erika Gilchrist has earned the title of “The Unstoppable Woman.” Today, she is regarded as one of the most energizing, engaging, and captivating speakers in the industry. As a published author of 9 books, she provides compelling, solutions-based content to empower those who may struggle to identify and unleash their inner strengths unapologetically.
Ms. Gilchrist is also a content writer, and she has launched an online institute for industry coaches & speakers to license her award-winning content which serves to breathe life into women who need light shed into the dark spaces of their lives.

She’s been awarded “Highest Trainer Rating of the Year” from SkillPath Seminars, “Coordinator’s Award” from the National Friendship Movement, “Top Leadership Award” from SPAA (Speakers, Publisher’s & Authors Association) and has received a special dedication from the Texas Women in Business.
She is the Producer & Host of ‘WTF – Women Thriving Fearlessly!,’ an online television talk show created to inspire women to thrive []. She’s been featured as one of the “15 Most Powerful Women on the South Side of Chicago,” CLTV, and Rolling Out Magazine.




 This amazing artist has already won several awards at film festivals with his shorts and is primed to win more very soon. From films to songs to poetics to game designs to kid’s books to graphic novels, you will find this multi talented artist is well versed. If you would like to hire this brilliant artist to direct your short film, music video or rent his prodigious writing skills to fulfill your aspirations, please send a message.

JD Glasscock started as a slam poet on national teams in 1990. 6 years later he moved onto being the singer/songwriter/front man of a blues rock band called Sofa King which lasted ten years. Though he still writes both lyrics and poetry in 2005 he moved onto studying film writing and directing with a special emphasis on lighting, specifically, Noir Lighting. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to finally pursue those aspirations.

He currently has 8 short films to his name and has won awards as a filmmaker at large festivals. He has in addition shot 2 music videos for local music artists. He’s also completed 13 self-published books. Those books include poetics, lyrics, video game designs, excerpts from his film scripts, graphic novels, kid’s books etc…He is currently working on his first feature film Blade and Blood, based on his award winning short film.



Known to his legions of young fans as the ‘Mayor of Storyville’, he sings, writes songs and stories, draws, and does voice impersonations and ventriloquism. That might make him the most multi-faceted children’s performer in the Chicago area. Not bad for a guy who, in his day job as an advertising copywriter, won 80 awards in the last six years, and still managed to record a children’s album. “The trick is to figure out what your gifts are and use them,” says Haas, whose mother’s family hails from Casina di Buti in Tuscany. “I’ve never seen anyone bring a live audience to life the way I do. But I’m not there for me, I’m there for the children. I have many talents, but I’m about developing their talent.”



Chicago-born film producer, director, and actor Zohra Hasta graduated with a B.S. in Engineering from Bradley University, Peoria, IL.

This multi-faceted Renaissance woman not only owns her own production company, but she is the President of TV & Film for yet another. Zhora loves to produce, consult, and program several different genres of films and subsequent film festivals across the country, including but not limited to the Chicago South Asian Film Festival and La Vie Theaters Rising Star Film Festival.

Endowed with an abundance of energy and an insatiable lust for learning, Zohra is always on the lookout for new and exciting creative endeavors to sink her teeth into. Her work schedule is happily hectic, but when she’s not studying lines or is immersed in a project, she can be seen tooling around town on her motorcycle or attending her favorite yoga class. And she never, ever, misses a Chicago Cubs game.



My name is Charlie Kennedy and I studied at Columbia College Hollywood for my degree in Directing where I found that Suspense-Thriller stories are my favorite to create. I love stories that are fantastical and dark like Tim Burton and Henry Selick, whom are my inspirations. Music is a passion of mine as I am an artist in Pop and Rock genres, so creating music videos goes hand and hand with combining my two loves: Film & Music. I am 23 years old and from Richmond, Virginia and I moved here 5 years ago to pursue my dreams in music and filmmaking. I only hope to be able to make them come true so I can show you a land of stories that belong only in your dreams.



His passion for filmmaking started at the age of 16. He credits many films that inspired him to begin a career in the film industry. He officially started in 2009 in Telugu by taking a course and working as an AD (assistant director). He has since accumulated six years of experience in the Indian film industry. He has written several scripts ranging from comedy, crime dramas, suspense, action and love stories. He is very passionate about film and looking to work with likeminded film makers in the near future.




Omar began his film career as an actor working in television commercials. Soon after he fell in love with writing screenplays. In 1996 he moved to Los Angeles to what he thought would be the start of his professional career. When his development deal ‘fell through’ he literally worked his way up from the mailroom of Universal Studios. Soon after he worked on various television series and eventually worked his way into visual effects where in 2000 he became co-owner of his own vfx company.

Since then, Omar returned to his first love and began producing radio, film and television projects across the country.

Omar uses the knowledge and experience he’s accumulated to form his own production company VariousArtistsTV. His goal is to attempt to better the career experience for the next generation by affording them an honest, better and easier path to success.




‘K’Nickole’ is a Chicago based producer / radio show host bringing her talent to Various ArtistsTV in the new form of webseries talk show.




Jackson Palmer was born and raised in Montana. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting he performed in numerous stage productions around the country before moving to Los Angeles where he now pursues acting and writing as a member of Old Fashioned Productions.



Robert Parsons II was born in Delaware. He started his career in the Steel industry helping reconstruct the new World Trade Center before moving into the entertainment industry. Robert became an audio engineer for large concerts and special events on the east coast before moving into the independent film industry.





Sai Pawar started his career as a filmmaker at the age of 16 later to receive a Masters of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from NY Film Academy. He has written and Directed commercials and short films which have played around the world in film festivals. Currently he is Directing commercials in Mumbai and is working on his next feature film project.



Bake Phouikham, a filmmaker from Chicago now currently living in Los Angeles, ha produced music videos, documentaries, and narrative films with artists like Twista and Lauren (The Joy Luck Club). ‘I want to be a revolutionary Asian-American filmmaker, who promotes and enriches Asian-American culture. – Bake




 Pamela is an actor, producer, and writer. She is a graduate from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Studies. Trained in classical theater, Pamela has performed in numerous stage productions and has been featured in various commercials, web series, and independent films.




Bio: Brandon Rhiness is a comic book and screenplay writer from Edmonton, Canada. He writes and publishes comic books under his company Higher Universe Comics ( Brandon has also had many film optioned and produced.





 Kayvan Sarvari was born in 1990 in Sanandaj Iran. He enrolled and passed Iranian cinema and filmmaker courses, made three short films and attend several International film festivals.



 Few artists have created a body of work as rich, varied and vibrant as Zernul R. Shackelford. Zernul (pronounced Zer-nyal) started playing music at a young age. He has become a musical one-man tour de force, playing all of the instruments in his songs. He’s invested his talent into becoming an accomplished musician and film and television composer. Having been in several bands, he is now lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and lyricist for Chicago based Heavy Metal band 3 Days From Dying.

Adding to his accomplishments Zernul joined Independent Production and Distribution Company VariousArtists.TV. This endeavor has given Zernul an opportunity to fulfill yet another talent he’s been nurturing, Writing and Producing.

But the addition of filmmaking has not diluted the drive that he has for his music. Zernul feels that his best composition work has yet to be heard. Having many other television and feature projects on his plate he strives to provide the best he can every time.




 Filmmaker & founder of BrainMashup Media, C. A. Smith, is committed to connecting the best ideas from the best minds to bring fresh, remarkable experiences to the screen.



Yaser Talebi was born in Sari, North of Iran, in 1982. Yaser Talebi is an Iranian film director, producer, screenwriter, Editor, and a documentary director. Yaser Talebi is known as a documentarian who makes poetic and social environmental films. He already teaches in movie training institutes and makes documentary series and telefilm for Iranian TV channels. He travels around his home town meeting its people and exploring the environment, history and culture of the different regions. He has been famous as an innovative and creative director and aesthetic expert. He has been the planner and advisor in many advertisement projects for big companies. Beside producing and directing advertisement trailers, he teaches directing and editing courses. He has also worked as cameraman and editor in many projects. Yaser Talebi is also an active member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association (IRDFA).



Jaron Wilson is a native-born Chicagoan with a drive for filmmaking. He has a passion for narrative stories and enjoys films of all genres. From an early childhood, Jaron has been interested in film, television and web series as well as the techniques used to create them. His drive to succeed and passion for creating is only surpassed by his curiosity of what makes the world around him tick.