‘War or Peace’

Written and Directed by Kayvan Sarvari

Synopsis: On television or in the home, what is the influence of war within your family? How does it affect your children?


‘My Heart’

Directed by Yaser Talebi

Synopsis: My Heart:A touching story about the love students have for their teacher who’s sick in hospital.


‘FIGHT: A Speechless Revenge’

Written, Produced and Directed by R. Sumadhur Krishna

Synopsis: Entire Action Short Film was shot in 3 Days. The stunts performed in this short was performed by trained professionals (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)


‘Real Prema’ (Feel Good Love Story)

Telugu Short Film

Written and Directed by R. Sumadhur Krishna

Synopsis: Love and everything that comes with it, happens to us all. (‘Real Prema’ is a realistic look at the many emotions of love, happiness and sadness. This entire-short film was shot in only 24 working hours.)