COMEDY (Shorts)

‘Adventures in Phone Sex’

Directed by Charlie Kennedy

Synopsis: Adam and Riley attempt phone sex during their long distance relationship…




‘I’m in Love with a Dead Girl’

Directed by Brandon Rhiness

Synopsis: Spencer is a lonely man. After his friends suggest he get a girlfriend, Spencer falls instantly in love with a woman he sees on the news. The only problem is that the woman was killed in an accident and buried in the cemetery. But you can’t let things like that get in the way of love…right?




‘There’s Something Wrong with My Husband: The Clamshell Package’

Directed by David E. Bright

Synopsis: Finally, someone has stepped up to do what we’ve always wanted to do.




‘Film Squad’

Written and Directed by Paul Aaron Davison II

Synopsis: Sometimes it’s what goes on behind the camera that’s so much more entertaining than what’s happening in front of it.





Written and Directed by Boone Sanders

Synopsis: Who says fishing can’t be exciting?